Genetically Modified Dino Is So Over It In New Jurassic World Trailer


The newest (and possibly final) trailer for Jurassic World was released today, and it gave viewers an extended glimpse at the park’s newest attraction: a genetically engineered, “highly intelligent” killing machine of a female dinosaur. Let’s call her Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen is very upset about being created in a lab and has decided to go on a rampage at the highly successful theme park during busy season. Her creator (?) Bryce Dallas Howard has reached out to Raptor Whisperer (?) Chris Pratt for advice on how to stop the beast from turning every visitor into dino chow. It all sounds a little silly in writing, but this is the first trailer for the film that has felt truly exciting and worthy of its name.

Finally, a glimmer of those magical thrills Jurassic Park fans have been hoping for.

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