Gentlemen: This Is the Only Way to Do Tinder

The only time you should ever say “fuck” is if you’re talking about your tropical fish. This guy: 500; All other Tinder dudes: 0.

I would like to believe that this is an actual Tinder conversation and not just a clever ruse perpetrated by someone who wants to let others know exactly what a Tinder chat should look like, but I’ve been burned before.

In any case, if this were my first conversation with someone I would totally want to go out on at least one date with them. This image was originally on Imgur, so if someone recognizes it and knows this gentleman, please invite him to the comments to discuss dating with us. Also invite his fish.

Update: The image is actually from I Suck At Tinder, which is hilarious but also I think HE IS THE GUY, YOU GUYS.

Image via WeKnowMemes

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