George Clooney Reportedly Makes $27,283 Every Hour, Tequila Helps 


Do you even remember how you spent your last hour? George Clooney does: He was making $27,283, mostly off endorsements, old movie sales, and tequila. Whatever else he does is just cherries (but, like, a mountain, a mountainous country, of cherries).

We know this thanks to a fun feature Business Insider ran on Sunday that estimates how much your favorite billionaires and celebrities make every hour. The very first and most fun fact we are reminded of is that “Some of America’s richest people make more money in one hour than others would ever see in their lifetime.” Scroll down just a bit and you will find Clooney’s earnings as the highest-valued actor in the world (no celebrity made more money than him last year, except for Floyd Mayweather, according to Forbes).

Esquire reported on Wednesday that Clooney’s wealth skyrocketed (he’s now worth half a billion) after co-founding Casamigos Tequila in 2013 with some moneyed friends. Last June, the business partners sold the company to drinks conglomerate Diageo for $700 million with the potential to make another $300 million over the next 10 years if the brand continues to sell. Clooney has pocketed $233 million from the sale already.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average hourly wage for U.S. workers in July was $27.05. That’s approximately one 375 ML bottle of Casamigos Añejo per hour!

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