George Michael Is On The Cover Of Vogue Paris And The 90s Are Really, Really Back


Holy eyebrows: Emmanuelle Alt put George Michael and Kate Moss on the latest cover of French Vogue. The singer seems like kind of a random choice, but then again as we know from the video she made to mark Vogue‘s Web redesign, Alt is a George Michael superfan.

This being the awesome video in question. [DS]

Tom Ford has taken the unprecedented step of publishing photographs of five of his spring show looks on the Internet. Where just anybody can see them! Someone pass the smelling salts. Ford’s spring collection was described by the designer as embodying values of “chastity and perversity.” Now flick through the slideshow and grade looks “Chaste!” or “Perverse!” to your little hearts’ content. [Vogue UK]

Diane Kruger had to get cut out of this Dior couture dress. “It was so big that it took me an hour to get into it and the only way for me to go to the bathroom was to take off the bodice,” said the actress. “Once I finished dinner, I had to go to the bathroom and it became so tight that I couldn’t breathe anymore. Josh had to come with me to the lady’s room and cut me out of it.” [People]

Here is a promo for the documentary that Albert Maysles is making about Iris Apfel. [Vimeo]

What, you’d expect a Cosmopolitan lingerie collection for J.C. Penney to look tasteful and restrained? [Racked]

This is Nicki Minaj‘s fragrance ad. [FBD]

And this is Jerry Hall‘s iconic 1995 fragrance ad for Thierry Mugler’s Angel. Christophe de Latilade, Mugler’s longtime creative director, recalls of the shoot:

“We shot this in White Sands, New Mexico. Apparently Jerry had been visiting her family in Texas at the time, so she told me, ‘I will make my arrangements, just tell me where the hotel is.’ The day of the shoot, a huge white stretch limo appeared with a chauffeur who looked like a pimp or something, all dressed in white with white crocodile boots. Jerry came out and had big Vuitton trunks filled with lingerie with her. She spent her evenings doing fittings with her own lingerie in an ugly little motel in Alamo Gordo. That was the sort of thing she did.

[The Cut]

Beyoncé‘s red dress that she wore to meet the President at the little $40,000-a-plate fundraiser she hosted with her husband? Oscar de la Renta. [Fashionista]

  • “Are you kidding? If you have a social conscience, you have to vote Obama,” says Tom Ford. The designer co-hosted, with Anna Wintour, a $15,000-a-plate fundraiser for the Obama campaign in London during that city’s fashion week. Attendees included Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth McGovern, and Cameron Diaz. Wintour, who is now the fourth-highest-grossing Obama fundraiser, will host a second $10,000-a-plate benefit in Paris while she’s in town for the French fashion week. [WWD]
  • Burberry has pulled production of some of its handbags from a factory in China after concerns were raised about working conditions for the employees there. The factory was recently bought by a South Korean company, and workers say the new management was often “aggressive and verbally abusive.” A four-day strike at the factory in June ended with arrests. Michael Kors and Coach have also produced accessories at the factory. [Guardian]
  • Kate Bolick reports that during this weekend’s Berkshires WordFest, a literary festival that took place at Edith Wharton‘s stately former home, the recent Vogue shoot celebrating the author was a hot topic of conversation. Although Vogue included three male novelists in its lavish recreations of scenes from Wharton’s life — Junot Diaz, Jonathan Safran Foer, and Jeffrey Eugenides — Wharton herself was portrayed by the Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova. The absence of women writers was something we drew attention to at the time the spread was published, and it has not gone unnoticed by novelists. Reports Bolick:
  • Vogue might have considered at least hiding Jennifer Egan in the hedgerows, or Lydia Millet by the fountain,” said [Elissa] Schappell. Age-appropriate Egan, not in attendance, turned out to be a popular suggestion — [Heidi] Julavits and [Roxana] Robinson both mentioned her, and she’d sprung to my mind as well. It’s her camera-ready cheekbones, obviously, but also the fact that, like Wharton, Egan is a Pulitzer Prize-winner. But Schappell ultimately decided she sympathized with Vogue‘s plight. As she wrote to me yesterday in an email, “Female authors are notoriously dumpy and plain. Often obese. To find a female writer without a hump back and a mouth of tusk-like teeth is quite a task. Behind our backs they refer to us as The Beasts of the creative arts.”
  • Julavits would have been another good choice; she’s even written for Vogue in the past. Neither Vogue, Eugenides, Diaz, nor Safran Foer responded to Bolick’s interview requests. [Slate]
  • Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist weighs in on the New York Times‘ allegations that some popular street-style subjects are paid on D.L. to represent certain brands:
  • I don’t really care where these people get their clothes from, it doesn’t matter to me, it isn’t going to matter 100 years from now. A good shot is a good shot. That’s all I really care about. But you can tell who are the people who are going over the top to create a shot [or] to be shot. There’s something about that, that, to me anyway, doesn’t create a good shot. There’s something very calculated about it.”
  • [Fashionista]
  • As if Amanda Bynes needed another point in common with Lindsey Lohan, she is now moving to New York to start a clothing line. [People]
  • Robin Lawley, the plus-size model who recently snagged a Ralph Lauren campaign, was interviewed on Good Morning America. Cringe-inducing moments include when the host asked Lawley how much she weighs (she tactfully demurred) and when the host mentioned that Lawley “dabbled in eating disorders” when she was a straight-size model. Just, no. No. Nobody “dabbles in” anorexia. It’s not a fun little hobby you do on weekends, like stringing together home-made wind chimes or taking Instagrams of the cat. [The Cut]
  • VF Corp, which owns Lee, Wrangler, and Vans, among other brands, expects to reach $900 million in sales in Asia this year. In 2007, the company’s Asian revenues were $150 million. [WWD]
  • Sales at ASOS rose year-on-year by 31%, to $229 million, in the quarter just ended. [Reuters]
  • Nick Gruber — who dated Calvin Klein once, did you hear? — says that the former fashion designer has hired a private investigator to “stalk” him. [P6]
  • Cate Blanchett‘s character will wear a Chanel suit in the next Woody Allen movie, which is currently in production. [WWD]
  • Fox sent noted noted creepy stalker-producer Jesse Watters to fashion week to make fun of fashion people. Somehow, Watters even managed to fuck that up. “They don’t know anything about Paul Ryan, or Medicare,” Watters whined, after Kimora Lee Simmons read his game. “You’re putting me on O’Reilly?” she protested. “He doesn’t like stuff like this, girls like us. He’s not on our team. I don’t think so.” [Fox]
  • It’s a day ending in -y, so Terry Richardson is posting lots of topless pictures of models to his blog. [Terry’s Diary]
  • Chris Burch is opening another C. Wonder store in Manhattan. The newish chain intends to expand overseas in the coming year, first in Germany and Asia. [WWD]
  • And now, a moment with the Backstreet Boys. Boys, do you regret any of your fashion choices from 1996-2001?
  • Brian: “We wore some sucky crap!”
    Kevin: “Tommy Hilfiger overalls that were bright blue and bright white…”
    A.J.: “They weren’t Tommy Hilfiger, though.”
    Kevin: “They were supposed to be Tommy Hilfiger overalls, they were made out of parachute-pant material. Those were pretty crazy looking. They were knock-offs that were supposed to be Tommy Hilfiger.
    A.J.: “They were Tommy with one M. Tomy.
  • [Refinery29]
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