George Santos, Who Lied About Being Jewish, Gives Speech About Antisemitism on House Floor

The speech came the day after Patch published Facebook comments from 2011, in which Santos joked about Adolf Hitler and Jewish people.

George Santos, Who Lied About Being Jewish, Gives Speech About Antisemitism on House Floor
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Disgraced Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.)—the guy who lied about his entire resume, his mom dying as a result of the 9/11 attacks, being a star volleyball player, losing employees in a mass shooting, running an animal charity, and more—is, amazingly, still in office.

One of Santos’ whopper lies is that he’s Jewish, and his maternal grandparents fled Nazi persecution in Europe during World War II. In fact, they appear to have been born in Brazil and there’s no record of them living in, then leaving, Europe in the 1930s and ‘40s. Yet, as he campaigned for a seat in a heavily Jewish district on Long Island, NY-3, Santos claimed he was Jewish.

Unfortunately, since Santos somehow still has a job, it means he still gets to make speeches on the House floor. On Friday, he condemned antisemitism in a speech, saying he wanted to commemorate the anniversary of the 1945 liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp—which is quite rich, given…all of this.

Santos said:

“Today I rise to acknowledge that the 27th of January marks the anniversary of the Auschwitz concentration camp being liberated by the Red Army in 1945. Let this day serve as a reminder that we must honor the victims and survivors. We must also pay tribute to the liberators who rescued millions of people who nearly fell victim to the Holocaust. In fact, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the grandmother of one of my D.C. staffers who is a 93-year-old survivor of Auschwitz, and is also one of the few survivors of her family who was tragically lost at the hands of Nazi murderers. Antisemitism is a plague in this nation, and it is undoubtably up to us to ensure this kind of tragedy is never to be seen again. This is a tribute to aging survivors in the Jewish community. We must guarantee access to the services they need to live long and dignified lives. This day, and every day, we give credence to the dark side of humanity, but strive for a better, brighter future.”

I somehow doubt your staffer’s grandmother who survived Auschwitz is pleased that you lied about your own grandparents fleeing the Nazis.

And to add even more to this particular shit sundae, on Thursday, Patch published Facebook comments of Santos from 2011 in which he joked about Adolf Hitler and Jewish people. Santos did not address the Facebook comments in his floor speech.

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