Ginuwine Calls Tyrese a 'Diva' for Announcing Group Breakup on Instagram


In August 2013, in the middle of a small forest, the R&B trio known as TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank) dropped their debut album, Three Kings. Promotion for said album included such memorable moments as Ginuwine drunkenly singing on stage. The group is now sadly no longer, and two initials in that acronym have resorted to fighting on social media.

One could see this breakup coming from miles away. The first sign of discord was that TGT is, at its core, a boy band. And we all know how well those work out. Second sign: Witness this incredible clip of an inebriated Ginuwine swaying, blinking a lot, fake-singing and making strange, wide-eyed gestures while passionately real-singing the lyrics to the group’s single, “I Need.” If you haven’t seen it, it’s a masterpiece.

Clearly, there was something off about TGT.

Tyrese took to Instagram to alert his fans that the members of the group would be going their separate ways. Here’s his post (via That Grape Juice).

“I’m sorry to break the news,” he begins, stating that TGT had official disbanded… but not really… because maybe they’d still be together… but not together-together… together as in, just Tyrese and Tank… maybe… meaning, no Ginuwine… so not really a breakup but a: hey you’re kicked out of the group… sort of thing.

“It was epic……. And now it’s over,” Tyrese writes, he and I in disagreement on the meaning of epic.

Ginuwine responded with pure passion and immaturity, irate that he had to hear about this “personal Bizns shit” on Instagram. “Keep it going and we will expose it all DIVA,” Ginuwine threatened. Something tells me this group is never, ever getting back together.

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Image via Getty. Screenshot via The Shade Room

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