Ginuwine Sings 'Leave It In,' But What Is 'It'?


“Leave it in,” sings Ginuwine on his latest single, “Leave It In.” But what is he talking about?

Luckily, it doesn’t take too long to figure this mystery out. Ginuwine, maker of body-roll classics like “Pony” and “So Anxious,” means that he’s cool with going half on a baby on this silky candlelight groove where AutoTune slightly mangles his suave vocals.

He starts off singing, “She pulls me down/ Starts whispering/ Some words that start/ Exciting me.” At this point, “leave it in” could mean anything: “Leave the clothes in the dryer. I’ll take care of it later.” Or, “Leave the leftovers in the microwave for me, please.”

Ginuwine is curiously vague throughout the first verse: “And instantly I feel/ Gratitude/ Do I deserve/ This gift, this woman who/ Just told me something every man wants to hear.” ????

About a minute into the song, Ginuwine finally gets to the point: “She wanna have my baby/ I think she love me, yeah I think she love me/ ’Cause she keep saying, ‘Leave it in.’” Oh.

His woman wants him to leave “it, the penis” in so they can procreate. The very definition of baby-making music.

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