Girlfriends Creator Agrees With Me That the Show Needs a Proper Ending, Maybe a Movie


If there’s even a sliver of a chance that the former CW series Girlfriends—the show where we met and fell in love with Tracee Ellis Ross—can get a reboot or a movie with a proper ending, I’m giving Hollywood my blessings to make it happen.

Girlfriends aired for eight seasons and was highly rated and appreciated among black viewers, if not widely, before being unceremoniously canceled in 2008. Since we never got a finale to see where Joan, Toni, Maya, and Lynn end up in life, the show’s creator Mara Brock Akil is down to remedy that, according to Page Six:

“I would like to end the ‘Girlfriends’ story,” Akil told us.
She’s even reportedly written a script for a film version.
“There’s an audience globally,” she added. “And to tell the story right . . . probably needs about $40-, $50-, $60 million, but I know what the budget is. Let’s write that check to make hundreds of millions of dollars — but for me to carry that on my back begging people to make it . . . No, I’m not interested.”

Give her the money. I’m personally more into a Best Man Holiday-style Girlfriends movie than a full reboot—maybe a movie where Lynn is into wellness and married to William, and Joan is working as the head lawyer for a smart women’s site.

Tracee Ellis Ross told ABC Radio in 2017, when asked about a reboot, “I think there’s definitely a possibility. I’m so intrigued by the fact that all these years later people are still wanting that. I’m still open to the idea and we’ve had conversations about it so we’ll see.” She added, “We never got a finale. We didn’t get anything. So I think there’s the sense of wanting that, but who knows.”

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