Gloria Steinem to End War between North and South Korea


Gloria Steinem wants North and South Korea reunified and is proposing a walk in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) to prove it. It’s called and organizers are hoping to gather 30 women for the walk in this, the 70th year of division.

North Korea wants in. But South Korea is still mum. From the Guardian:

Officials from South Korea’s Unification Ministry, which handles the country’s affairs with the North, and the UN Command said they have yet to decide whether to allow the women to walk across the DMZ.
The DMZ is one of the most highly charged places in the world. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers face off across the heavily mined zone that separates South Korea from closed-off, nuclear-armed North Korea.

They won’t be the first to cross. No no not even the second.

The women would like to cross the DMZ at the village of Panmunjom, which straddles the border and is the place where troops from North and South come closest, just a few meters from each other.
The women have said they take heart from successful crossings of the DMZ by five New Zealanders with motorbikes in 2013 and by 32 Korean Russians by motorcade last year. Both had permission from both sides.

Gloria Steinem has said she hopes South Korea approves the walk.

Photo via AP

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