Goddamn It, I've Known Who Sandra Bullock's Boyfriend Is For So Long


Earlier this month, after I’d published a story about Sandra Bullock’s “super hot” new boyfriend, a loyal reader emailed me. “Can give name and photo of Sandy B’s new bf,” their message said. My eyes widened. I felt like Bob Woodward getting a call from Deep Throat in 1972, only if Bob Woodward wrote for the Arts section and got a tip about Jane Fonda.

A few minutes later, I wrote back: “You have my attention.”

They replied with a name and photograph of Bryan Randall. I sent Bullock’s publicist an email that said, essentially, “Hey is Sandy dating Brian Randall Y/N?” Unsurprisingly, she did not respond, so I laid that tip to rest in my inbox. But today—oh happy day!—that loyal reader was proven right, as Us Weekly has just confirmed (in an exclusive post, no less) that Randall is Bullock’s new beau.

A source tells Us that Bullock’s new boyfriend is named Bryan Randall, and he is indeed quite the cutie. With his chiseled features, ice-blue eyes, and silver hair, the photographer even looks like a movie star. Like Bullock, Randall is also dad to one kid, but the similarities don’t stop there. Like the Oscar-winning actress, the shutterbug has tattoos — with meaning.

One detail Us Weekly’s exclusive failed to mention—or perhaps wasn’t yet privy to—is how Bullock and Randall met. But, ahem, an insider recently told Jezebel all about that:

He and Sandra met when he was referred to her to photograph her son Louis’s birthday party, which he did.

What I’m trying to say here is that I’m pretty sure Sandra Bullock emailed me earlier this month.

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