GoFundMe Will No Longer Crowdfund Sorcery or Abortions

Days after shutting down a woman’s attempt to crowdfund an abortion procedure, website GoFundMe has changed its guidelines to disallow fundraising efforts for, among other things, abortion and sorcery. Well, there goes all our creative projects.

The GoFundMe press release reads that:

While the vast majority of fundraising activity we see is both heartwarming and inspiring, there will always be those who attempt to challenge GoFundMe’s existing Acceptable Use Policy. In an effort to foster the most positive environment possible, today we’re releasing a detailed list of subject matter that is not permitted on GoFundMe.

In addition to abortions and sorcery, GoFundMe’s other prohibited content includes:

  • Hurtful or hateful language
  • Violence or hatred
  • Bigotry, racism, sexism, profanity
  • Treasonous behavior
  • False, misleading dishonest statements
  • Unexplained sciences or absurd claims (this is where the sorcery comes in)
  • Content associated with or relating to any of the content above

As Dell Cameron at The Daily Dot points out:

Abortion, and anything “associated with or relating to” it, is now restricted. At time of writing, however, there were still dozens of anti-abortion campaigns running, some of which were specifically raising money to pay for so-called “community outreach” events outside women’s health clinics. At present, it’s unclear if the ban will be applied retroactively or even strictly enforced.

GoFundMe has yet to reply to Cameron’s request for comment about their new policy and how it relates to anti-abortion campaigns, so — for the time being (and maybe forever), we’ll just have to conclude that GoFundMe is a bunch of bullshit and take our abortion/witchcraft business elsewhere.

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