Going to a Wedding Will Probably Bankrupt You

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Good news for all of you who haven’t been invited to a wedding yet: You can spend your money however you like. Bad news for everyone else: Going to a wedding is going to cost you so much you might actually weep.

Forbes reports that going to a wedding has jumped up even higher in price. Last year it cost $592 on average to celebrate your third cousin’s happy day. This year, wedding costs for guests are inching closer to $700. And that’s per wedding — woe betide you if you have more than one friend who’s decided to finally tie the knot.

Guests plan to spend an average of $225 on airfare, a big leap from $100 last year. They’re also expecting to spend $170 on the hotel stay, $116 on dining out while they’re there, and $95 on dressing up.
“Not only are Americans saying ‘yes’ to attend more events, but they’re also taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase and show off a new outfit, or turn a destination wedding into a mini-vacation,” said Jed Scala, Senior Vice President, Proprietary Lending at American Express, in a press release.

And that’s just the wedding: there are also gifts and, if you’re close to the wedding party, you’re probably facing bachelorette and engagement parties, maybe even a bridal shower or two. Plus, that number isn’t even counting the wedding gift you provide on the actual day. That’s probably close to a thousand bucks when everything is said and done. And while Forbes claims guests only spend a little more (about $28) on the wedding if they’re in the wedding party, it’s a little hard to believe, especially if you’re the best man or maid of honor.

Forbes suggests planning early and getting a cheap gift, but even that’s not going to save you from the price creep. Maybe the best idea is to just cut all your friends off as soon as they get engaged. That’s when they stop being fun anyway.

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