Good News, We Can Finally Put the Demi Lovato Yogurt Saga to Bed

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Good News, We Can Finally Put the Demi Lovato Yogurt Saga to Bed

Demi Lovato sings a great song called “I’m Sorry (I’m Not Sorry)“ which is the track that should have been playing in the background during her eight-minute explanation of the beef of the century, Demi vs. Bigg Chill Yogurt Shop. If you missed the jumping point of this story in Monday’s Dirt Bag, the short version of it is that Lovato walked into a yogurt shop over the weekend and, as someone living with an eating disorder, was triggered by the store’s selection of sugar-free, dairy-free, and low-fat options, which Lovato interpreted as being diet foods. The yogurt shop explained to Lovato via DM that those options were designed for fro-yo lovers with health restrictions such as vegans, celiacs, and diabetics. Lovato thought this should have been made clearer throughout the store’s signage.

So here we are now, Tuesday morning, watching this beef conclude with Lovato’s apology to Bigg Chill Yogurt and the vegan/diabetic/celiac community. I use the word apology here lightly because, although Lovato said sorry about four times, she concludes the video with, “I’m genuinely sorry that people took it the wrong way,” which is not an apology at all.

But perhaps you are busy and don’t have eight free minutes to get through just exactly what Lovato is sorry (not sorry) about so here is a handy rundown. She is maybe sorry for potentially offending people who are unable to consume fro-yo because of their health needs. She is actually sorry for appearing like she was bullying a small business. And most importantly she is sorry that the world is an awful and triggering place for people who are in recovery for eating disorders and is willing to work with all fro-yo shops in LA, the whole country even, to discuss signage that makes it clear that frozen yogurt isn’t just about diet culture, even though it is.

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