Grace Coddington and Her Pajamas Are the Met Gala's True Winners


While everyone and their mothers were going off about Beyoncé and Rihanna last night, the true winner of the Met Gala slipped under the radar in a pair of blue silk pajamas that were both attractive and functional, allowing her to walk, unencumbered, through the crowds of people with miles of cloth around their waists.

Coddington, who is objectively the best thing about the fashion industry, not only wore the pajamas to the gala but then took them on the road, comfortably slinking through JFK and then boarding a Delta flight. I bet Rihanna and Lady Gaga couldn’t just roll into the drive-thru in their gowns. I also bet they kind of hurt to wear. So let’s hear it for the gala’s real winner, the irrepressible Grace Coddington, the standout in anything she appears in.

Images via Getty

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