Gracious Japanese World Cup Fans Clean Up Stadium After Loss


Well if these folks aren’t the very definition of good sportsmanship.

Last night, at the World Vuvuzela Convention Cup, Japan suffered a pretty harsh loss when the Ivory Coast scored two last minute goals. Boring sports talk aside, I’m sure the fans were very displeased. And as far as World Cup or any other high profile sporting events go, it would be more than expected for fans of the losing squad to lose their shit, maybe flip some cars or something. But no. The Japanese World Cup fans were apparently not about that.

According to a couple posts by Redditors Kebbs and piroquinha123, multiple Japanese fans helped clean up the stadium after their game. Apparently this isn’t the first time either— Japanese fans also stayed behind during the 1998 and 2006 World Cup games to clean up as well. In fact a lot of Redditors pointed out instances in which Japanese fans or audience members or people lining up in a queue were beyond civilized.

I was just outside Vancouver when the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup in 2011 and city transformed into a drunken vomity hellhole that cost around $4 million in damages. It brought out the worst and was, in general, the worst. So these Japanese fans taking the time to pick up some trash after receiving quite the blow certainly gives me at least a little bit of faith in humankind.

Also, please nobody tell my mom that this happened. If she finds out about this, I will be in for one hell of a over-the-phone lecture on how to take pride in my behavior as a guest. No one wants that.

Images via Imgur.

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