Great News, Lady Truckers: You Can Now Get Your Big Rig in Pink!


Mitsubishi Fuso — from the same people who make Mercedes Benz, not Mitsubishi. I know; I don’t get it, either. — are betting they can make a new line of trucks designed to appeal to lady truck drivers. How? By fucking making them fucking pink NO DOY. (Maybe you didn’t guess because of your slow lady brain.) (read: your vagina.)

More about this girlymobile:

It debuted over the weekend at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show and is merely a concept model at this point. The vehicle is a derivative of the Canter light duty truck (known as “FE” in North America until recently) outfitted with a hybrid engine. The special lady version is known as the “Canna.” Fuso claims it was developed “by a project team consisting of 9 women core members,” and along with the pink polka-dotted exterior, “the interior incorporates more ‘cute’ and ‘comfort’ elements in its inner panel and seat covers targeted at women drivers.”

Well, I guess they found the only way women can tell their trucks from men’s trucks. In the same way that bic made it easier and more acceptable for women to use pens with Pens for Her, the Mitsubishi Fuso will remove the same stigma from driving vehicles (and working) by introducing a beautiful pink truck that screams “I may be a driver, but I am still a feminine woman!” Beep beep, mother truckers.


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