Grimes Says She and Elon Musk Had a Second Child in Secret Named ‘Y’

The singer and billionaire apparently welcomed a baby girl via surrogate at some point in recent months.

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Grimes Says She and Elon Musk Had a Second Child in Secret Named ‘Y’
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Uhhh, congrats to on-again-off-again odd couple Grimes and Elon Musk? In a truly shocking twist, Grimes revealed this week that she and Musk secretly welcomed another child in recent months, who they named “Y.”

The news of the under-wraps offspring was revealed to Vanity Fair in an in-depth interview with Grimes published Thursday. Grimes seemingly begrudgingly divulged to the publication that she and her 50-year-old billionaire boyfriend had welcomed a baby girl via surrogacy.

After the interviewer heard a “lone cry” while talking to Grimes about her new music, the interviewer asked: “Do you have another baby in your life, Grimes?” Grimes initially answered with the baffling, “I’m not at liberty to speak on these things,” before later texting the interviewer to confirm that yes, she and Musk have a baby girl now.

And while they call the baby “Y,” her full name is Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, because of course it is. In true Grimesian fashion, she claims the pronunciation of Sideræl is “sigh-deer-ee-el” and is “a more elven” spelling of sidereal, “the true time of the universe, star time, deep space time, not our relative earth time.” It’s obviously a nod to the Lord of the Rings character Galadriel, she says, who “chooses to abdicate the ring.”

Lest you think Grimes and Elon are done having kids, Grimes didn’t seem to indicate she’s calling it at two. In another part of the interview she revealed Exa Dark Sideræl was a compromise of a name and that she had been “fighting for Odysseus Musk.”

“A girl named Odysseus is my dream,” she said. Color us absolutely unsurprised.

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