Gwyneth Files Restraining Order After Creep Lies His Way into Her Home

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Uuuuuugh, celebrity life is such a nightmare. All nightmares all the time. I mean, I know it’s “worth it” because you get to use Richard Branson’s outdoor shower and take unlimited naps probably and also you can use one of those gas station ATMs with the extra fee and not give a fuck. But UGH. Because creeps are always creepin’ and peepin’ and trying to get inside your house all the time!!! Uuuuuuuugh!!! Anyway, that just happened to Gwyneth. 🙁

The Oscar winner has secured a temporary restraining order against a man whom, as alleged in court documents obtained by E! News, sneakily gained access to her London home and recently tried to get into her Los Angeles residence.
An order of protection requiring Nickolaos Gavrilis to stay at least 100 yards away from Paltrow, Chris Martin and their two children was granted on Friday.
…The filing alleges that Gavrilis has been “stalking and harassing Petitioner on two continents, has not stopped despite warnings from police, has previously been convicted of harassment by a criminal court and presents an immediate danger that great or irreparable harm would result if an order did not issue immediately.”
Per a declaration from the family’s director of security, Tony Abbott, that was included with the filing, Gavrilis was allowed into their London home in September 2012 “by falsely claiming that he had a business appointment with her.” He tried again to get into the house in April 2013 but was denied access, Abbott says.

Fucking hell, Goopy. I’m sorry that’s happening to you. [E!]

Dean McDermott says that his sex life with Tori Spelling “wasn’t fantastic,” which contributed to his infidelity problems. Another thing that contributed to your infidelity problems: You, a grown man, deciding to have sex with other people.

“We have four kids, so in the sex department there were ebbs and flows… We would have sex once every two weeks,” McDermott says in the therapy session. “It wasn’t fantastic.”

I can’t tell if he means that the sex itself “wasn’t fantastic” or if the infrequency of the sex “wasn’t fantastic.” Either way, this seems like way more information than I should have. [ContactMusic]

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  • Goodbye!

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