Hackers Post Shockingly Racist Emails Allegedly Sent By Texas Police


A group of hackers who broke into the website of the Texas Police Chiefs have unearthed a series of emails that sound more like the writings of a “dumb/racist” caricature of a Texas police officer than a real, live person, but sadly, sometimes even caricatures have a grain of truth to them.

In one of these cartoonishly awful emails, a member of the Texas Police Chiefs Association allegedly wrote the following to a senior Texas police official:

‘That stupid b**** who started that stolen car chase at Yale and 610 got what she deserved (I’ll bet she was fat and black too). ‘Same with that pervert that got shot by the county. F*** that guy, see ya. That all sounds like good police work to me.
Those folks got the criminal cure. It’s guaranteed, they will never commit a crime again.’
Other emails contained offensive theories about Muslim inbreeding and the details of complaints of a police officer’s affair with a married woman.

Now before you get really upset, you should know that they were (maybe?) totally set up!!!

James McLaughlin, the executive director of the Texas Police Chiefs Association claims that the hackers broke into the site and “replaced it with one of their own.”

He said he had no idea of the content of the allegedly hacked emails published yesterday, adding: ‘All I know is what they [WikiLeaks] claim to have done.’
He said the FBI and Texas Attorney General had begun an investigation into the website hack and that they hoped to track down those responsible.
Anonymous said that most of the Texas law enforcement agencies it claimed to have hacked into were police departments in small cities or school district police agencies.
About 10 of the email accounts were personal accounts of law enforcement officials.
Robert Mock, one of the individuals whose personal email account was apparently breached, said he had only been made aware of the possibility yesterday.
He said: ‘I’m upset, as anybody would be whose account was hacked into. This wasn’t my work account. Got my private information out there. I don’t even know what’s out there.’

So, really, they’re the victims in all of this (maybe).

Either way, if this does turn out to be some kind of “joke”, I’ve heard better.

‘That stupid b**** got what she deserved (I’ll bet she was fat and black too)’. Shocking emails of Texas police hacked and dumped online [DailyMail]

Hack of Texas police emails, website reveal offensive communications between officials [NYDaily News]

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