Hailey Bieber Says the Rumors Still Aren’t True

“Just FYI the stories and constant ‘blind items’ I see on TikTok are 100% of the time wrong," Bieber wrote on Instagram Tuesday night, addressing the latest round of rumors that her and Justin's marriage is in trouble.

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Hailey Bieber Says the Rumors Still Aren’t True

One week ago, Victor Marx, a pastor who’s friends with Hailey Bieber’s parents, posted a weird, borderline sociopathic Instagram calling on all Christians to “offer a little prayer” to Hailey and Justin Bieber. Hailey’s dad, Stephen Baldwin, shared the post on his own Instagram, TikTok went crazy, and here we are, in the middle of another news cycle about Hailey and Justin’s marriage. Which, Hailey confirmed (for the 31,287th time) is all good.

“Just FYI the stories and constant ‘blind items’ I see on TikTok are 100% of the time wrong. Made out of thin air… come from the land of delusion,” Hailey wrote on her Instagram story late Tuesday night. “So I know it may be fun feeding into these stories but just know they’re always false xx sorry to spoil it.”

However, one hour after that story, she posted another story of SZA’s new song “Saturn,” with the line “I’ll be better on Saturn” highlighted. The song about depression and searching for any type of meaning includes the lyrics, “If there’s a point to losing love/Repeating pain (why?)” and “Don’t believe in paradise/This must be what Hell is like.” Which is fine! SZA’s incredible and I also love to listen to sad music even when I’m not feeling sad. I just think if you’re trying to squash rumors about troubles in your marriage, your “none of this is true” follow-up shouldn’t be an existential song about feeling like nothing matters. But, what do I know?

On February 26, Marx posted an Instagram of Bieber singing “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” by Delirious? and the Hillsong Worship with the message, “Christians, please when you think of Justin & Hailey, take a moment to offer a little prayer for them to have wisdom, protection and to draw close to the Lord.” In the caption, he wrote that his wife, Eileen, and Hailey’s mom, Kennya Baldwin, “often pray together” for the couple. “There are special challenges that folks in high visibility positions face and also the enemy doesn’t want them to draw closer to Jesus,” he added. OK!

He eventually took the post down, explaining in another Instagram that it was “due to weird press fascination and so many insane comments.” Fair enough. But also dude, what a weird fucking thing to post in the first place. Hailey was also, understandably, pissed with her dad for sharing Marx’s post amid a “private thing” the couple is dealing with, according to TMZ.

Hailey and Justin have battled rumors about their marriage falling apart since before either of them were born (lol)…and Hailey did post a lovely message for Justin’s 30th birthday on March 1. But still. Blink twice if you want a divorce, Hailey. I promise God will still beliebe in you.

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