Halle Berry Won't Let Nahla Watch Cinderella Because of Steve Harvey


Halle Berry is making the media rounds for her new movie Frankie & Alice and during a chat on Steve Harvey’s radio show today, she said she’d read his book Think Like A Man three times. At that moment, I began to worry about Halle.

Steve, it has transformed my life. I’ve read it three times, cover to cover, because it takes a minute to absorb it. Each time through I get another lesson and think ‘Oh, that’s what he meant by that.’ Then I read it again and I get about five more things that I implement into my life.

At this point, Steve and his co-hosts on the nationally syndicated radio show start laughing at her, or maybe with her? It was difficult to tell.

No, really. It’s really true, and it takes awhile, but you know, real change and real absorption takes time. You can’t read it one time and think, ‘Oh, I got it.’ You gotta highlight it, underline it, write notes in it. You have to study it.

Then Steve jumps in with more “wisdom” about how women should undo their preconceived ideas of how dating and relationships really work. Halle, of course, couldn’t agree more.

[We have to] undo a lot of thinking we were taught at five-years-old. That’s why I’m trying to teach my daughter something different today because we’re taught things that just aren’t true or real. We live in constant disappointment, thinking that’s not the way it’s supposed to be or love isn’t supposed to be like that. We have this fantasy about what it really is. We [have a] fairytale and we have to get around that, and it’s hard because we’re hard-wired to want, believe and need that [fantasy].
I’m trying really hard not to teach my daughter [those things], I won’t let her watch “Cinderella” and stuff like that.

Here Steve and the gang laugh some more and the host wraps up the interview to plug Frankie & Alice, but I can’t tell if he was really in support of Halle’s Cinderella restriction or not. I understand teaching kids realistic lessons about love, but does that mean that “Bippity Boppity Boo” should be off limits? Is Nahla allowed to watch Frozen? Either way, keeping a kid from fairytales because of a comedian’s book seems a bit … odd.

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