Happy Hump Day!


Jaime writes: “This is my dog, Sabrina. I adopted her as a one year old pup who had had it pretty rough as a young girl. When we’re home, she sleeps under the covers with me and lives to cuddle in someone’s lap. When we’re outside, she’s an energetic force to be reckoned with… no dog can catch up to her in the dog run, and she’s been known to vertically jump higher than a Jack Russell if there’s a treat in the air. The first month I brought her home, she scared away a suspicious man that was approaching me in a dark area of Morningside Park one evening by moving her body in front of mine and baring her teeth. The man backed away with his hands up in the air, and an immediate feeling of relief washed over me. I had loved her since the day I decided to bring her home, but in that moment, I realized I’d adopted my own super-hero.” Image via email. Please send horizontal photos!

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