Harrison Ford Cannot Differentiate the Chrises

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Harrison Ford Cannot Differentiate the Chrises
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Harrison Ford has better things to do than learn the last name of every Chris in Hollywood, and one of those things is being the only Indiana Jones we’ll ever need.

In a recent appearance on Today show, host Craig Melvin asked Ford who he’d like to see as the new Indiana Jones, and a charmingly exasperated Ford grasped his shoulder and replied “Nobody. I’m Indiana Jones. When he’s gone, I’m gone,” adding “This is a hell of a way to tell Chris Pine.”

However, it was an inferior Chris, Pratt, who was hoping for the role. Not that it matters to Harrison Ford, who rightfully should get to Han Solo the Indiana Jones character and take them both with him when he goes (But please don’t ever die, Harrison Ford). He absolutely need not trouble himself over multiple surnames just because there are too many people named Chris.


Meanwhile, if Jill Zarin is hoping for a reboot of her friendship with Bethenny Frankel, guilt-tripping her on the radio is a weird way to court it. She recently told Jeff Lewis (who I know as the onion yeller from Flipping Out) on his XM Radio show, “It’s definitely better than it’s ever been since that whole thing happened, but she doesn’t have time for me, and I’m sad about that.”

“That whole thing” being the two of them not being friends for nearly a decade, in part because Zarin kept doing things like this.

What’s really happening is that Zarin isn’t officially on the show and would like to be: “What I bring now, is a very different Jill and I think that the fans want to see that…Every single day since I left the show I get tweets, comments … ‘Come back, when are you coming back?’ and I feel like an obligation to satisfy that to a certain extent.”

Just let her come back and fight with Bethenny on TV again. It couldn’t make the show any worse.

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