Harry Styles Stopped at a Delaware Wawa for a Hoagie

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Harry Styles Stopped at a Delaware Wawa for a Hoagie

Shortly after I moved to Philadelphia, I decided to start keeping a running list of everything I liked about the city. I was having a difficult time adjusting to its slower pace and the preponderance of men wearing mesh Eagles shorts during snow storms, so I found that making the list helped put things in perspective. And while did include items like “the Schuylkill on a nice day” and “cheap ass beer,” the majority if the list seemed to revolve around Wawa, inarguably the greatest convenience store of all time.

Everyone who’s been to Wawa is familiar with the magic contained in its walls (I am convinced there is no hangover that the horseradish mac n’ cheese can’t cure). It shouldn’t be a surprise that Harry Styles is also a fan, pulling off in Bear, Delaware, for a hoagie. From ABC:

Natali Maldonado tells Action News she was in the midst of her shift at the Wawa on Pulaski Highway around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday when she noticed a man who looked somewhat familiar.
“Wow,” she thought to herself, “that guy’s hair looks just like Harry.”

She was right, obviously.

The man, who was with security and friends, then turned a bit and she saw his profile.
“Wow! He looks just like Harry Styles,” Maldonado thought.
Then the man turned around and she had no doubt it was Styles. She said she was the only one who realized it.

Styles ordered a turkey hoagie, tuna salad sandwich and an omelet burrito. A very good order, truly representative of the expansiveness of the Wawa menu. [ABC]

Britney Spears broke her foot, but does it really count if you can’t watch her do it? I’m so happy to report that Spears posted a video (footage, if you will) of the incident to Instagram. You’ll know the moment it snaps from the horrific “pop” sound and her crumpling delicately to the floor. I warned you!

Also bless her for continuing to rock the early-aughts low rise shorts, but as you can see, it’s clearly not a good idea to bring them back, they’re dangerous. [Instagram]

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