Harry Styles Wants You To Know He Knows What Edging Is

The boa-loving singer is an expert at flirting with his fans, prompting many to lose their damn minds in New York this week.

Harry Styles Wants You To Know He Knows What Edging Is
Photo:Theo Wargo (Getty Images)

Beautiful man and stand-up comedian Harry Styles educated his Love On Tour audience on “edging” in New York this past weekend. Happy belated Harryween!

This gift from Styles comes on the heels of him confirming during a Nashville performance that his hit song “Watermelon Sugar” is, in fact, about “the sweetness of life,” aka “the female orgasm.”

As for “edging,” Medical News Today calls it the “practice of engaging in sexual stimulation to the point of ejaculation before stopping and starting again. It involves cycles of stimulation that can lead some people to a more intense orgasm.” However, according to Harry Styles, “edging” is singing a cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and then starting and stopping “Kiwi” a couple of times at Madison Square Garden on Hallow’s Eve. One fan in pink devil horns who attended the concert even posted a video to Twitter of the moment, pegging Styles’ performance technique as “edging” even before he explicitly said it.

“Stop, stop, stop,” says Styles, after yet another false start of “Kiwi.” With a huge grin on his aggressively handsome face, he tells fans: “That was much better. This is called edging.”

Styles has been touring since early September, steadily feeding his audience members hornier and hornier soundbites and doing adorable things like dressing up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (he loves to wear a nice dress). To their credit, the fans have not been shy in returning the love.

One fan showed up to a show with a sign that read, “I came with my ex for you,” which naturally caught Styles’ attention.

“I have questions,” he responded after calling out the sign on stage. He went on to continue playing the role of an extremely hot couple’s therapist by asking, “How long have you been separated…uh, consciously uncoupled?” among other things.

Another night on the tour, while wearing red pants, he picked up a red heel that a fan had thrown at him and riffed, while singing, “It’s like I paid for this… whose shoe is this?” One fan even brought a sign that read “Punch me in the face” to which Styles’, thankfully, simply shook his head.

There’s something special about a musician who perfectly matches the energy of his fans. Ask Styles to bark for you and he’ll woof. Look a little sick? He’ll hand you a water bottle. In the mood? He’ll speak on edging. Get me a ticket to this tour stat.

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