Have You Met Ivanka's New Dog Yet?

Have You Met Ivanka's New Dog Yet?

Last month, Ivanka Trump introduced the newest member of the Trump-Kushner family: Winter, a very white dog that almost looks like a fox. (It’s not. Or is it?) The dog was a birthday gift for Trump’s eight-year-old daughter, Arabella, and it’s—well, it’s a dog.

A dog with a very… piercing, almost deadened gaze?

Which feels… familiar?


There were plenty of jokes made about Trump, a proud member of a violently racist administration, giving her daughter a white dog.

Now, do I think this dog looks like the Night King? Yes. Do I believe this dog would cross the street if I was walking toward it? Absolutely. Is it fair that I get racist vibes off of this harmless dog? Probably not.

Nevertheless, let’s talk about this dog. Please share your dog opinions in the comments.

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