Have You Seen This Canadian Fest Dude Who Kissed a Reporter on Camera?


A female newscaster was kissed by a random dude while she was reporting from a music festival this weekend. And while it was probably all fun and games for the dude in question, the Canadian Broadcasting Company is not laughing—they’re looking for him.

On Friday, CBC reporter Megan Batchelor was reporting live from a concert in Squamish, British Columbia when a stranger ran up behind her, kissed her on the cheek and then took a selfie before running off again. From Global News:

The CBC quotes Batchelor as saying she was “rattled” by the encounter and felt like the unidentified man was trying to interfere with her ability to do her job.

Now Batchelor has registered a complaint with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the CBC is asking viewers to identify the kisser for police, stating their intention to make sure their workers are “safe when reporting from the field.”

Police aren’t sure what the kisser’s charges will be, but maybe the threat of charges in general will be enough to keep this from becoming a trend.

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Image via CBC.

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