Heavy Drinkers Live Longer Than Non-Drinkers

  • A recent study found that heavy drinkers live longer than teetotalers. However, before you go on a bender, researchers also found that moderate drinking—defined as 1-3 drinks per day—is even better for the body.
  • Officials in Mexico City have set their sights on gay honeymooners for a recent push to increase tourism. In July, the city opened an office strictly for catering to gay tourists, which they inaugurated by cutting a rainbow-colored ribbon. Alejandro Rojas, Mexico City’s tourism secretary, says he hopes to make his city the No. 1 gay-friendly destination in Latin America.
  • Is calling female politicians prostitutes a “hot new trend?” God, we hope not.
  • A recent poll of 18-35 year-old men in the UK found that men spend more money each week on personal grooming. However, women still take an average of 23 minutes to get ready to go out, and though they don’t provide the corresponding time for men, we are told it’s shorter than ours.
  • Two studies have found that vitamin A can increase the likelihood of transmitting HIV through breastfeeding. Doctors advise that breastfeeding HIV-positive moms not be administered the standard supplements, which include vitamin A and beta-carotene.
  • Since 1996, the US C-section rate has climbed more than 50%, and data shows that an increasing number of first-time moms are delivering through C-sections. Many of the C-sections were performed on moms who had had one before, but some doctors are advocating for a shift to include more vaginal births after cesarean, or VBAC.
  • Though mushroom hunting sounds cool, it’s actually surprisingly dangerous. According to an Italian newspaper, 18 people died this summer in a 10-day period, most from falling down Alpine slopes. The most recent case involved a 65-year-old woman who fell 40 meters to her death while searching for wild mushrooms.
  • Cape Town’s wine country has a strange problem that’s threatening tourism: drunk baboons. The Cape Baboons have developed a taste for the local grapes, especially sauvignon blac grapes. “They are not just eating our grapes, they are raiding our kitchens and ripping the thatch off roofs. They are becoming increasingly bold and destructive,” said one vineyard manager.
  • A poll conducted by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair found that 63% of Americans don’t know who Emily Post is. The same poll found that 0% of respondents would try crack and 82% have never experienced sexual harassment at work.
  • Men’s rights activists in Spain are fighting back against Prime Minister Zapatero’s progressive women’s rights policies. According to Domingo Gonzalez, Zapatero is taking this whole equality thing way too far. Gonzalez claims that the Spanish government is focusing overly much on cases of domestic violence against women and as a result, they’re ignoring the cases against men. “Many men have been left homeless, because their wives found someone younger or just could no longer stand the sight of them,” he said.
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