Henry Cavill Should Always Have a Mustache


Like many Americans, I saw Mission: Impossible—Fallout this summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I loved it. One of the many things I loved about it: Henry Cavill with a mustache.

Before Fallout, I was a Henry Cavill novice, unfamiliar with his work in the Superman movies and The Tudors. As such, I was unfamiliar with his clean-shaven countenance, and now that I’ve watched him stalk through Parisian streetscapes and jump out of airplanes with more facial hair than I truly thought was possible for men younger than 65, I rebuke the very concept of a Henry Cavill sans a little ‘stache.

I say this because Cavill has been cast in a lead role in Netflix’s forthcoming fantasy series The Witcher, and I hope the producers are listening. Henry Cavill needs a mustache. I understand some will disagree with me. The people who made Justice League: Man of Steel didn’t think Cavill’s Superman should have a mustache, which he sported during reshoots of the DC superhero movie because he was still filming Fallout at the time—and decided to digitally erase it. I say, why? Why not leave it? He looks great with that ‘stache; he looks like he was born with it and that it will stay with him until the end of days. I say, don’t put Cavill onscreen anymore unless he’s accompanied by his most trusty and valuable co-star: that mustache.

Of this, I am sure, but I am cautiously open to other kinds of mustaches for Cavill. (See: my artistic rendering above.) Netflix, are you taking notes? If needed, I will absolutely step in as a consultant on this issue, for a negotiable but very reasonable fee.

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