Here Are Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches Because Apparently There is a God

In Depth

A Chef has invented the ice cream churro, and holy crap, look at those things. That purple one in particular makes me feel like I’ve seen the face of the Almighty.*

This new experiment in wonderfulness comes to us courtesy of Chef Sylvia Yoo, an experienced pastry chef who’s worked at Jean Gorges and WD-50. Her pop-up restaurant, Churro Borough (oh my God, that’s adorable) has actually been doing this since 2011, although this wonderdessert is only getting attention recently (you bet your ass I would’ve written about this sooner if I had known of its existence).

See, this? This is how you dessert. You don’t have to go fancy and crazy to make something absolutely delicious; sometimes it really is as simple as looking at ice cream and churros and going “hey, what happens if we smash those together?” I want this harder than any dessert I’ve ever seen, even the Wonut, and I am as unabashedly #TeamWaffle as they come. Honestly, the most confusing part of the churro ice cream sandwich is wondering how the hell no one appears to have thought of this before, as well as how come it’s just catching on now if the place has been around since 2011? This seems like an absolute no-brainer.

Really, though, those are minor quibbles, and I’m just glad it’s here now. Here’s to hoping we see ice cream churro places in locales other than LA — like, say, across the street from my apartment. Or in my apartment.

*I order ice cream by color, because I am intellectually and emotionally eight years old.

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