Here Are the 82 Companies That Think Birth Control Is Murder


Yesterday, a five conservative Catholic dude majority (yes — Scalia, Roberts, Alito, Thomas, and Kennedy are all Catholic) on the Supreme Court sided with Hobby Lobby in a case that sought to establish whether certain corporations could be said to hold “religious beliefs” and whether being compelled to providing an insurance plan that furnished contraception to female employees who needed it would constitute a violation of those corporate beliefs. But the decision was much bigger than just Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Products. Here are the 82 other companies that believe — contrary to scientific evidence — that certain forms of birth control are the same as abortion and that abortion is the same as murder.

The Daily Beast’s Abby Haglage did some impressive legwork in assembling this list of 82 other companies — some for profit, others nonprofit — that have mounted challenges to Obamacare’s so-called “contraception mandate” and that now stand to apply to be exempt from providing certain non-abortion reproductive health care options to their female employees. Because God has apparently Taken A Stand when it comes to IUDs, and he only told dudes and the Pope about it, since IUD’s weren’t invented until the Bible was more than 2,000 years old.

While many of the companies listed below aren’t household names, some — like Eden Foods and the University of Notre Dame — are massive entities that employ thousands and make millions. Others, like Wheaton College in Illinois, suffered the embarrassment of suing the federal government over Obamacare’s birth control mandate, apparently unaware that their health plan already covered contraception (they’ve since corrected the oversight). And who knows how many other closely held corporations are on the cusp of their own sudden and fervent religious conversion? Who knows how many women will be affected? And who knows how many of those women will, like Hobby Lobby’s cashier-heavy workforce, make barely over minimum wage as it is? As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg noted in her mic drop of a dissent yesterday, Mars Candy, a company that employs 70,000 people, counts as a “closely held” corporation by the definition laid out by the 5 Catholic Dudes who agree that corporations are more people-y than women. TPM’s Sahil Kapur points out that “corporate people” capable of holding religious beliefs employ “millions” of Americans.

These 82 companies and nonprofits are just the tip of the iceberg.

American Pulverizer Company

Annex Medical Inc

Archdiocese of St. Louis (Missouri)

Autocam Corporation

Ave Maria Foundation (Michigan)

Ave Maria School of Law (Florida)

Ave Maria University (Florida)

Barron Industries

Beckwith Electric Co

Belmont Abbey Coll.

Bick Holdings Inc.

Brandt (Diocese of Greensburg)

Catholic Benefits Association

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, et al.

Catholic Diocese of Beaumont (Texas)

Catholic Diocese of Nashville (Texas)

Cherry Creek Mortgage Co

Colorado Christian

Continuum Health Partnership & Conessione

Diocese of Cheyenne (Wyoming)

Diocese of Fort Wayne- South Bend (Indiana)

Doboszenski & Sons, Inc

Dominos Farms

Dordt College (Iowa)

Dr. James Dobson

East Texas Baptist University

Eden Foods Incorporated [Ed: not even your precious organic lentils are safe!]

Electrolock Inc.

Encompass Develop, Design & Construct, LLC.

Eternal World Television Network (Alabama)

Fellowship of Catholic University Students (Colorado)

Feltl and Co.

Freshway Foods

Geneva College

Grace Schools (Indiana)

Grote Industries

Hart Electric LLC

Hastings Automotive

Hercules Industries, Inc.

Holland Chevrolet

Johnson Welded Products

Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc.

Lindsay, Rappaport and Postel LLC

Little Sisters of the Poor (Colorado)

Louisiana College

M&N Plastics


Mersino Dewatering, INC

Mersino Management

Michigan Catholic Conference

Midwest Fastener Corp

MK Chambers Company

O’Brien Industrial Holding

O’Brien Industrial Holdings

Ozinga Brothers

Perisco (Diocese of Erie)

Priests for Life (New York)

Randy Reed Automotive

Reaching Souls International, (Oklahoma)

Right to Life of Michigan

Roman Catholic Archbishop of Washington

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta (Georgia)

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of NY

Roman Catholic Diocese of Biloxi (Mississippi)

Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth (Texas)

Sharpe Holdings, Inc.

Sioux Chief MFG. Co, Inc.


Southern Nazarene (Oklahoma)

Stinson Electric

The School of the Ozarks (Missouri)

Tonn and Black Construction

Trijicon, Inc.

Truine Health Group

Tyndale House

Union University (Tennessee)

University of Notre Dame (Indiana)

Weingartz Supply Company

Wheaton College (Illinois)

Willis & Willis PC

Zubik (Diocese of Pittsburgh)

Zumbiel Packaging

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