Here, Bask in Purest Essence of the 1990s With Joan Rivers and 'Marky Mark'

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For some reason, this photograph has me spellbound and I cannot look away. It’s like staring into the vortex of 1992, the year it was taken.

According to the caption from the Associated Press:

Rap star Marky Mark, right, reacts to a joke during his appearance on the “Joan Rivers Show” in New York Wednesday, Dec. 2, 1992. Mark unveiled one of the Calvin Klein underwear ads, background, that feature him wearing little but the product.

Rivers’ daytime talk show was on the air for just a brief period in the early nineties—1989 to 1993. Blessed YouTube has clips, complete with music video snippet. Watch as Rivers welcomes “America’s number-one teen hip hop sensation, Marky Mark.”

How the fuck is this man still famous?

But her moment with Marky Mark and his Calvins is easily eclipsed by her sit-down with—oh, my sweet lord—the gore-loving hams of the notorious heavy metal band Gwar. “The whole thing, I don’t get it,” she admitted in the intro, before they handed her a (clearly fake) severed foot. It is truly something.

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Photo via AP Images.

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