Here Is One of Your Scariest Stories of All Time

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In the years Jezebel has been compiling your terrifying stories for our annual Scary Stories contest, some of them haunt us months and years after we first read them. Such is the case with user thatredguy’s “Look at Me,” a winner of our Scary Stories contest in 2014.

Jezebel employees past still bring up “Look at Me” at our spooky slumber parties, held annually around campfires with flashlights under our chins (not really, but theoretically). I personally think about it as much as the Tinder urban legend, whose provenance we still have not uncovered, and they are of the same ilk: extremely close brushes with death that their victims are oblivious to until after the fact. It’s the not-knowing that kills you. Watch an animated version of “Look at Me” above, and go on and try to sleep with the lights out tonight.

Senior Producer: Jennifer Perry; Design/Animation: Hope Sincere and Jacqueline Robertson

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