Here's a Hilariously Bad Horror Movie About Feminism Gone Wrong


Women’s Studies is a 2010 movie about what happens when “female empowerment is taken to murderous extremes.” The tagline: “Open your mind before it gets opened for you.” It’s as if a group of MRAs with (barely) passable cinematic skills were inspired by The Craft.

From the movie’s website:

Mary, a graduate student in Women’s Studies with a bright political future has just discovered she’s pregnant. She’s an independent woman and is torn between her Catholic background and her desire for a career in politics. Being an idealistic woman, she believes that change can occur along side peace.
On their way back to school, Mary, Beth, Zack, and the insecure Iris get their car stolen and are picked up by a group of four students from a nearby academy who take them to their isolated campus. Once there, they discover the academy is a “girl’s only” school emphasizing women’s studies, business, political science, and genetics.
The ringleader, Judith, politically inclined, has a gentle side that Mary identifies with. They seem to be identical in so many ways, and as Mary’s confusion over her future grows, so does her friendship with Judith.
However, Mary soon discovers that Judith and the academy have a darker side:
indoctrinating women into their apocalyptic sect and then sending them out into the world to strip men of power and status and enslave them.
Slowly, Mary begins to realize that Judith and the cultists will do anything to fulfill their dogma . . . including murder.
Mary then must choose her path: join or fight, before they make her choice for her.

What’s your favorite quote from the trailer (above)? Mine is either “Mary, the Goddess needs you!” or “You can’t turn men into the enemy”/”Men ARE the enemy.”

It’s on Netflix if you want to be indoctrinated.

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