Here's Gravity Reimagined as a Rom Com (It Lacks Gravitas)


If you liked the new Alfonso Cuarón film Gravity — starring America’s Sweetheart Sandra Bullock and Professional Cary Grant impersonator George Chiseled Jaw Clooney — but wished it had just a leeeetle more flirty bickering, physical comedy and romance, you’re in luck.

The folks at Film School Rejects remixed the Gravity trailer, splicing in audio from sources like the Sandy Bullock/Hugh Grant romcom Two Weeks Notice and the forgettable Cloons vehicle Intolerable Cruelty, and setting it to a playful Sinatra backing track. The result is a silly piece of nonsense that plays on the meet cute-and-banter formula of romcoms. “Over the moon” indeed!

The only problem? Those space helmets really hinder the lip-lock potential. Everyone knows they’re supposed to kiss at the end. Oxygen, smoxygen.

[Film School Rejects via The Wrap]

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