Here's Our Dream Cast For Disney's Live-Action Aladdin Remake


Disney is currently developing a live-action prequel to Aladdin. The film, tentatively titled Genies, will focus on the history of Aladdin’s big blue wish-granter. In addition to the prequel, THR reports “the long-term plan is to have the project lead into an Aladdin live-action movie,” and I have a few casting ideas that could help them get started right away.

You ain’t never seen a cast like this!

Aladdin: Brenton Thwaites

This young hunk would be the perfect fit for Aladdin. He’s proven his acting chops in films like The Giver and Maleficent, and growing up in the Australia means he can almost certainly relate to the arid climate of the fictional Middle Eastern city of Agrabah! Prince Ali? Brenton, it’s he!

Jasmine: Bella Thorne

17-year-old Bella Thorne is the spitting image of the young princess who spends her Arabian nights dreaming of escaping her palace and seeing the “whole” world. Thorne is one of Hollywood’s hottest It Girls, and her stunning red locks might just give one particular street urchin something else to be hungry for!

Genie: Eric Stonestreet

You ain’t never had a friend like ‘Street! The lovable star of Modern Family (and possible boyfriend of Bethenny Frankel) could never fill the shoes of Robin Williams, but I’m sure he’d give the role the respect it deserves. Just look at that face! Throw on a beard and you’ll forget he was ever famous for Modern Family. Genie is bound to be the most iconic role of his career.

The Sultan: Colin Hanks

The son of Tom Hanks has been proving his acting chops for quite some time now, but it was his performance as a bumbling, concerned father in last year’s first season of Fargo that could win him the role of bumbling, concerned father of Jasmine. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to see Hanks in that hat and robe. What a hoot!

Jafar: Tilda Swinton

You read that right! In the role of the scheming Jafar, we’ve chosen none other than everyone’s favorite androgynous Oscar winner—Tilda Swinton! Swinton, with the right makeup and styling, could easily prove indistinguishable from her animated inspiration. She’s a true chameleon… and always manages to be a little bit scary.

Iago: The Voice of Bradley Cooper

Who better to act as Jafar’s irritating henchman than Bradley Cooper? Cooper is no stranger to voice acting (he played a raccoon in last summer’s mega hit Guardians of the Galaxy), and might end up being the perfect set of vocal chords for a red lory—a breathtakingly gorgeous species of parrot native to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Rajah: This Precious Golden Retriever Puppy

Ahhhhhh, don’t you just love him? Adorable.

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