Here's Paris Hilton and Ai Weiwei Taking Selfies 


Over the weekend, two global art-world icons took some pics in Paris. Here’s one of their pics:

Here’s a pic of a pic in front of some pics:

Here’s another pic of a pic.

These two buddies got together at Weiwei’s new exhibit, which is staged—in true dissident fashion—within Paris’s luxury department store Le Bon Marché. The show is called “Child’s Play.” From the New York Times:

Kite-like recreations of his most-famous works “Surveilance Camera” (2006), “Brain Inflation” (2009) and “Study of Perspective” (1995-2011) are on display, as well as references to the work of his father, the eminent Chinese poet and activist Ai Qing, who spent time in Paris in the 1920s and ‘30s. Interned in labor camps for the first 20 years of his son’s life, Qing influenced Weiwei’s own politically charged work — which, in turn, saw the artist put under house arrest and unable to travel for four years (his passport was confiscated).

Also on display: friendship.

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