Here's Proof That Men Who Say They're 'Too Big' For Condoms Are Liars


Forget the fact that there are vanity-sized “magnums” for a second and imagine that you still live in a world where dudes believe they can get away with the excuse that their package is too big to be wrapped. Next time anyone uses that excuse, just show them Swedish pop star Zara Larsson’s convincing argument that their logic is bullshit.

Larsson, whose music you should familiarize yourself with immediately because it’s a fucking delight not unlike all Swedish pop, took to her Instagram to let everyone who follows her know that safe sex is important and that anyone can wear a condom. How’d she do that? She wrapped a condom around her leg. (Please, god, don’t let this become a fashion trend.)


It might be because I had a pretty liberal sex ed class during which (If I remember correctly)we had a demonstration of how big a condom could be blown up, but I didn’t even think this was anything people said anymore. Perhaps I’m out of touch with today’s youth and single population, but I thought it was common knowledge that condoms got hella big and could be used as both an effective barrier method as well as a pretty lethal water balloon (let’s not talk about the time my mom walked in on me after I had just accidentally made a a condom filled with a gallon of water explode all over myself.) (She kind of just sighed and walked out.)

In any case, Larsson is garnering a lot of support for her photo. Many followers are delighted with her message; at least one is hoping that condom leggings will become a thing, and another person has frighteningly written “my normal.” Par for the course on Instagram, really.

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