Here's What Happens When Blake Lively Walks Into a Room


At the premiere party for her new film, the surprisingly earnest and satisfying romance Age of Adaline, guests roamed Manhattan’s Metropolitan Club quietly sipping champagne and brushing shoulders with famous people and not-famous people and people who looked like they could maybe be famous people. They did not, for the most part, take photos and were, for lack of a better word, chill. An hour or so later, however, those same guests (myself included) lost what little chill they had and went into a brief manic state, whipping out their handheld flashbulbs directing them at a single person. That person was Blake Lively.

Though it’s not at all surprising that an internationally famous actor slash model slash entrepreneur slash wife slash mother slash muse would elicit that amount of attention, it was quite fun to watch people turn their good manners off for a minute so they could turn their cameras on. It’s Blake Lively! Look how beautiful she is! She was on Gossip Girl! She was in the Sisterhood! Remember? She’s Ryan Reynolds’ wife! Ahhhhh no really look how beautiful she is! Her baby’s name is James! She’s friends with Anna Wintour! Look at her! Beautiful! I need to take a picture of her beauty and put it on Instagram so people know light reflected on her and bounced back to me!

Truly a moment worth preserving.

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