Here's Your Hat, There's Your Derby: The Headgear Of Kentucky Derby 2K10


It is a tradition at the Kentucky Derby that all in attendance drink mint juleps and wear fairly ridiculous looking hats. This year was no exception:

If you’re wondering where Carmen Sandiego is, the answer is clearly Louisville, KY.

Ralph mocked Sheila’s hat, until they popped a tire on the drive home, and used it as a spare.

Barbara was so excited to attend the Derby that she left the salon with the dryer still attached to her head.

Nick Lachey: didn’t bother wearing a hat, is divorced from a Simpson sister.

Pete Wentz: wore a hat, is still married to a Simpson sister.

“Sit down, Victoria!” “No, Reginald! Not until everyone sees how marvelous I am!”

“Nice race. Too bad I’m going to have to knock Dick Tracy’s lights out when it’s all over.” (PS: Doesn’t this look like the Man in Black from Lost?)

“I was not aware that actually seeing the race was a primary objective.”

Lydia Deetz: The Kentucky Derby Edition.

Terrell Owens didn’t wear a hat, but his guests B.J. Williams and Kita Williams did.

Johnny Weir did wear a hat, but I’m kind of more impressed by his shoes.

Very Eliza Doolittle, no? 10 points if she stands up and yells “Move yer bloomin’ arse!”

“Oh, you thought I’d look stupid in this hat? Sucks for you that I’m Diane Lane and I look ridiculously beautiful in everything.”

“No, Coby, I’m not telling you if you’re on the naughty or nice list this year. Now get lost. And stop biting my style!”

These two win the day, no?

Though this man looks like he’s having a pretty great time, too.

And these two are having an awful lot of fun, as well.

Though I suspect everyone had quite a bit of fun, hats or no, thanks to the other big tradition of the day.

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