Hey Moms, Check Out My New Tote


Finally—a bag big enough to hold one hundred percent of the ridiculous odds and ends I’m obliged to cart around everyday, courtesy Martha Stewart.

Page Six pointed to Stewart’s promotion of the “Multipurpose Heavy-Duty XL Totes” on her Instagram. Part of her new QVC collection, it can be used in the garden or the house and it holds a whopping 930 pounds. Martha posted a slideshow of some of the uses, such as Christmas decorations, hay, garden trash, and sports equipment. In Jezebel’s professional assessment, it also looks great for comforters, your grisly collection of severed heads, several heavy nonfiction books, and all of your child’s daycare/school supplies, even that weirdly shaped lunchbox you shouldn’t have bought because it makes your other totes fall over. She looks thrilled at her own handiwork, as well she should be.

Three for $43.56! Available in black, slate, and mint!

This bag spontaneously appeared out of thin air in the back of every Subaru Outback in America, overnight.

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