Hey, Would You Wear This Crotch-Defying Dress?

In Depth

Tuesday night’s episode of WAGS featured a garment that is truly not for the meek. Cast member Natalie Halcro rocked this little number which appears to be a crochet dress with two waist-high slits on either side.

To be fair, the ladies are in Miami and en route to a male strip club, so you can’t really say that it’s not approp.

Also, homegirl looks good.

And she managed to get out the car without any incident.

This dress sort of reminds me of a pantsless version of Michael Jackson’s costume from the “Remember The Time” video.

Here it is in action.

Anyway, would you wear this?


I reached out to Natalie via Twitter to find out where one would purchase such a garment.

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