Hooters Posts Disgusting Rape Joke to Their Facebook Page


Hooters, the family friendly establishment that serves refreshing fried pickles and provides a warm and friendly atmosphere where the waitresses pretend to like you (this is very awkward when it happens) has posted an awful rape joke to their Facebook page.

The photo, which links off-site, shows a young woman laughing in pink hot pants. She has a blanket stuck to her shorts that, if you squint real hard and imagine for a few minutes, looks like it could pass for a vagina. The caption below the photo reads “Exhibit A: Proof she was asking for it, your honor.” What the fuck, Hooters?

Yes, Hooters’ whole business model is to be sexy and playful, but whoever was running the social media over on the site this morning really messed up when they thought that posting a picture that suggests that women ask to be raped would be an appropriate thing to put on the site. Rape isn’t funny. It just isn’t.

Visitors to the Facebook page have been openly critical of the photo. Some have suggested that they wouldn’t be visiting Hooters’ again while others took some time to educate the chain on what it would be like if someone who had experienced rape were to happen onto the picture. Among the top comments only one wasn’t critical and it simply read “lOve Hooters.”

Update: Hooters has posted a tweet stating that their page has been compromised.

Image via Facebook

h/t:Elizabeth Plank, Cosmopolitan

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