Hope Floats For Good

Hope Floats For Good
Image:Mandel Ngan (Getty Images)

Top White House adviser, Gossip Girl spin-off book cover model, and Trump ride-or-die, Hope Hicks, has flown the coop for the last time. CNN reports that Tuesday was Hicks’s last day at the White House, but the early departure was apparently pre-planned, not a result of the Capitol riots like several other recent resignations from Trumpworld.

Still, the news isn’t without a sliver of drama. A source told CNN that Hicks, “hasn’t been at the White House much in recent weeks after she felt her influence waned after she pushed back on the President’s baseless voter fraud claims.” Convenient! The source also says Hicks tried to persuade Trump not to venture into legal challenges “without competent lawyers in place.” (In other words, don’t try to fight election results with Rudy Giuliani by your side.)

In 2018, Hicks resigned from her role as White House communications director after testifying before Congress and admitting to telling “white lies” on behalf of Trump during her tenure. She then became the chief communications officer at Fox before returning to the White House last year.

Well… bye!!! She will not be missed.

Sen. Bernie Sanders plans on making some big changes when he becomes chair of the Senate Budget Committee. And as the most leftmost member of the Senate, he has Republicans shook.

From the New York Times:

Republicans have long feared the prospect of Mr. Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist from Vermont, taking the helm of the powerful committee given his embrace of bigger government and more federal spending with borrowed money. With Democrats reclaiming the Senate, that fear is about to become a reality.

To which I say… LOL. Sanders doesn’t want to waste any time either, a fact that probably has Sen. Mitch McConnell pissing himself.

Mr. Sanders […] said he would move quickly in his new role to push through a robust and deficit-financed economic stimulus package soon after President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. takes office.
“I believe that the crisis is of enormous severity and we’ve got to move as rapidly as we can,” Mr. Sanders said in an interview.
“Underline the word aggressive,” he said. “Start out there.”

Bernie, gimme my stimmy!

  • President Trump made history today, becoming the only sitting president to be impeached twice. But as this was happening, Trump was busy handling other matters, notably… awarding the National Medal of Arts to country singers Toby Keith and Ricky Skaggs.
  • Vice President Mike Pence is reportedly “done with Trump’s bullshit.” [Politico]
  • Rep. Mary Gay offered some grim details about the Capitol riot on the House floor:
  • And in happier news… Rep. Cori Bush and actor Leslie Jones are friends now.

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