Hospital Throws Tear-Jerker of a Surprise Wedding for Cancer Patient

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Aric and Ashley Mercado have been together for 11 years, engaged for nine and unable to marry for the past seven years because Aric is battling Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. According to PennLive, the disease has always gotten in the way. But they’d promised their kids they’d get married and they did, earlier this week in the hospital.

Aric, who’s had a difficult past few weeks as his condition worsened decided that now was the time that he and Ashley should get married. Despite the fact that the nuptials would be held at Penn State Hershey Medical Center Aric and Ashley were determined to have the best damn wedding possible. And the hospital, where Aric appears to be universally beloved, came through in a big way, supplying cake, champagne and flowers. The couple’s children made the wedding rings and the even was a cryfest for all involved. Aric, who’s still weak had to return to bed shortly after the couple was pronounced husband and wife but is incredibly happy that he and Ashley are finally wed.

“We’re married, sucker,” Ashley jokingly told Aric after the ceremony. “Thank you, everyone, for coming,” she added to the crowd.

The couple’s next step is getting insurance for Aric. The couple’s church is accepting donations.

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