How Much Chocolate Is Too Much for Taika Waititi?

How Much Chocolate Is Too Much for Taika Waititi?

Another week goes by and Quibi announces yet another celebrity that will be joining its ranks. Is Quibi the next celebrity cult? As Usher dances his way to Quibi, Taika Waititi and his Oscar are cozying up to Netflix with a double dose of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. On the network side, is cleaving to its dwindling relevancy with a new Gina Torres led vampire drama. When in doubt, bring the fangs out.

Taika Waititi is bringing two new worlds of pure imagination to Netflix with two separate upcoming adaptations of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Major Veruca Salt energy. [Variety]

Usher is joining the Quibi clan as a judge and executive producer of the service’s new dance competition series The Sauce. [Deadline]

The Cullen family is so early-aughts. Gina Torres is set to star in a new vampire story called The Brides, airing on ABC. The show will center around three women who are the brides of Dracula. I guess if you live forever, polygamy makes sense. [Variety]

Ben Stiller, a non-jacked non-car enthusiast, is joining the cast of Fast and Furious 9, a family of jacked car enthusiasts. [Page Six]

Are you there, Lionsgate? It’s Judy Blume. Lionsgate has acquired the rights to Blume’s most famous novel Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret. Kelly Fremon Craig (Edge of Seventeen) is set to direct. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Chance the Rapper is taking his talents to the hardest street in town, Sesame Street. He’s slated to join Anne Hathaway in the live-action adaptation of the beloved children’s show which will hit theaters January 2021. [Variety]

Jeremy O. Harris, the writer of Slave Play, has signed a two-year contract with HBO. Harris is developing a pilot for the network and will be joining the team of Euphoria, as a co-producer. [Deadline]

Disney+ is giving its fans the prequel that no one recalls wanting. The Gaston and Lefou of Disney’s recent live-action version of Beauty and the Beast are coming to the small screen in a mini-series becaus… actually I don’t even know. But if Luke Evans is going to sing, then sign me up. [Vulture]

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