How to Get a Raise in 47 Seconds: Turn Into a Man


As you may know, the United States is not the only country with a gender wage gap. This ad from Sweden claims that the quickest way for a woman to earn as much as a man is to be a man.

Sweden may be “one of the most progressive in the world,” but they’re still dealing with what calls “structural discrimination in the labor market.”

From AdWeek:

Annelie Nordström, chairwoman of Kommunal, Sweden’s biggest union, as made over as a man to protest unequal salaries between men and women in the country. It’s all a stunt for International Women’s Day this Saturday. Over at the website,, women can also connect to a Facebook app and become men themselves through some photo manipulation.

Pretty powerful stunt, even if it’s just an excuse to make you hear — really hear and understand — the words: “Every day she works for free after 4 o’clock, while he gets paid until five.” UGH. Where is a table-flipping gif when you need one?

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