How to Have Hair as Pretty as Jared Leto's in 6 Easy Steps


Jared Leto’s majestic ombre has been the dark horse of the 2014 award season. Women wanted to be best friends with it; men wanted to fuck it. Women also wanted to fuck it. Everybody wanted to fuck it. Now, finally, Leto’s hairstylist is sharing how you, too can have Jared Leto’s amazing hair.

The Cut spoke with Chase Kusero, who has worked with Leto and his coif for years, and discovered that the Jordan Catalano’s secrets include fun-sacrificing lifestyle changes and probably-impossible to emulate genetic luck.

So here’s how to have Jared Leto’s Hair, according to Jared Leto’s hair stylist.

1. Have a hot mom who also has great hair.

His mom just shows up and looks amazing. That’s where he gets it from.

2. Be a strict vegan….

Jared is one of the most healthiest people I know. He’s been vegan for years […]

3. … and don’t drink or smoke.

…with no alcohol or cigarettes.

4. Don’t cut your hair.

But I believe, like Samson, you lose your power when you cut your hair. And we are not superstitious, but we didn’t want to cut Jared’s hair, especially for tonight.

5. Don’t think about your hair.

He doesn’t want to think about his hair.

6. Don’t do anything to your hair. Also be Jared Leto.

But the less we’ve done, the better it looks. This is who he is. He doesn’t have long hair for a movie or role, it’s because he’s a rock star, in a band, a movie star, and because he’s Jared Leto.

There you have it. In order to have great hair, one must first have great hair. It’s all very zen. But this does bring to mind the important question of whether Jared Leto needs a hairstylist in the first place, or if Chase Kusero is just the one member of Jared Leto’s entourage that gets to carry around a pear of shears.

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