How To Reinforce Sexist Cliches In 44 Easy Steps


The Frisky lists 44 steps to breaking up with your boyfriend, and it’s 44 kinds of annoying.

The Frisky’s list is based on the video “How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend In 64 Easy Steps,” but while that video is cute and funny and kind of true, The Frisky’s version is basically just a list of boring rom-com stereotypes. Check out steps 1-4:

1. Get a boyfriend
2. Tell everyone you know you have a boyfriend
3. Update your Facebook profile to reflect that you now have a boyfriend
4. Stop hanging out with your friends so you can spend every minute with your boyfriend

See, women are loose-lipped, clingy, and care about guys above all else. Oh, except . . .

6. Start reading The Knot and daydream about planning a wedding with your boyfriend

Weddings! Oh, and this:

16. Spend a weekend watching as many episodes of “Sex and the City” as you can

You know it’s true, ladies. But why do our pink, gooey hearts love aisle walks and Carrie Bradshaw so much? Oh, right, it’s because we’re pathetic. Observe:

18. Go to Macy’s just to smell your ex-boyfriend’s cologne


30. Find an old copy of Time Out
31. Text him and ask if he wants his old copy of Time Out
32. Wonder why he isn’t texting you back
33. Text him something you overhear on the street the next day that you know he’d think was really funny
34. Wait for him to text back
35. Call him and leave a message asking if he’s getting your texts
36. Wait for him to call back
37. Call one of his friends and ask if he’s okay

Ok, so breakups are messy, and we all do lame things from time to time. But The Frisky’s list isn’t even funny, it’s just 44 slightly different cliches. Is there like a female-stereotype robot in a warehouse somewhere just spewing out this stuff? Somehow, we think you can do better. Oh wait, you already did!

How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend In 44 Easy Steps [The Frisky]

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