How to Turn an Ikea Rug Into a Fashionable Furry Vest


There’s a new DIY and it’s all about mixing home decor with clothing design. Who needs a Forever 21 faux fur vest when you can just fashion one from your roommate’s IKEA rug. Yes, I’m serious and yes, that is a thing.

According to, you buy a couple of faux sheepskin throws, a vest template, some thread, a pair of scissors and a sharpie and get to sewing.

1. Print and cut out templates.
2. Trace the templates onto the backside of the fur throws and cut them out.
3. Sew the pieces of the vest together inside out.

I’d laugh if this whole process didn’t seem like a great idea, you know, provided I liked to wear fur things. But if you try it, let me know in the comments!

Image via Ikea.

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